Join the Pirates!

Treat yourself by joining our unique Pirate Fun Boat Leigh Browne.

The party never stops

Chill out with the sea breeze and the pretty view of Ios Harbor, unwind with a nightcap and be prepared for a night like no other..

Rum and beyond..

Enjoy your cocktails and cool drinks from the most distinguished alcohols and spirits brands.

Welcome to Jackson Cruises

Welcome to Jackson Cruises, Ios

Inspired and headed by Capt. Nikos Papandreopoulos, “Jackson Cruises” was established in 2000 under the name “Ios Pirate Boat - Leigh Browne”, offering cruises around Ios and the nearby islands with a unique 50-foot wooden schooner replica.

Today, Jackson Cruises provides cruises to the most magnificent beaches of Ios, sunset cruises, while also hosting boat parties, private cruises and corporate events. At night, it drops its anchor at the Ios harbor marina and transforms into a cocktail bar. An island hotspot, where great music, a cozy atmosphere and lots of fun mix together to create unforgettable memories.

In 2017, “Vasilios”, a 52-foot cruiser, joined our fleet, offering cruises to the most beautiful beaches in Ios and the nearby islands.

See you aboard.




the magnificent beaches of Ios


a wonderful sunset experience


With your favorite cocktail in Ios harbor